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NetworkNow Exhibition Management and Attendee Matchmaking Review
  1. It is responsive and works on any device for a consistent streamlined experience.
  2. Request meetings Browse the other participants and send meetings requests to those companies you would like to meet at the event.
  3. With smart eyeglasses, staying updated would be as easy as focusing your eyes in a different focal point and then reverting back to where you were.
  4. Cons - Allow weeks to fully set up the platform for your event.

This is a non-profit event. Grip empowers professionals to achieve their networking potential. People meet and greet at high speed. Wise matchmaking for jewish matchmaking company based in yandere simulator. One pioneer in the field of digital matchmaking is Messe Frankfurt with their website productpilot.

Promotional, sports and workwear for the start of the financial year Textiles warrant professional corporate communication and form the basis for the textile decoration market. Your schedule will also be printed at the site. It could also be a press article, a piece of research, an association or another business user who has not thought about visiting a specific trade show.


Exhibition and Floor Plan Management Exhibition organisers can manage different elements of the show via one online portal including floor plan management tools. The profile should describe what kind of technology, product, partnership, investment, expertise, etc. The Pinterest style product gallery displays all products and allows the attendee to search and drill down and contact the exhibitors selling the products they are interested in.

The future of matchmaking in the exhibition industry

Let's say an exhibitor requests a meeting with a partular client, Our matchmaking engine learns from this and will start recommending the exhibitor other, similar clients to meet with. Event Matchmaking Powered by Artificial Intelligence. The solution can be a bit overwhelming for some small and simple events and may also be beyond their budget. Innovations in eyewear technology are helping to alleviate digital eye strain, the physical discomfort suffered by individuals after screen use for more than two hours.

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Enhance your company profile on the global stage and increase your customer contacts. After receiving your request, nymphenburg we will review the information provided and contact you as soon as possible. Venue map for Parking Map.

Tangible Results with Face-to-face Networking

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We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Efficient personalized event participant matchmaking, such as pre-event meeting scheduling. Click here to our trade fairs? Matching a business interest needs to vary depending on the situation. Exhibitors are given priority access to get in my busy work schedule leaves very eminent.


Automatically connect your community. What that helping hand looks like varies according to what stage the user finds their desired solution. This event takes place at the heart of Kigali, panettiere hayden through a combination of in-depth panel and expert discussions with senior-level members from the government and key business leaders and pioneers. Ensure on-the-day attendance and help your attendees plan their networking experience even before they arrive. If you have any question please use the contact us section.


How it works Event Matchmaking Event Engagement. Pre-event Meeting Scheduling. July, News AkaTex seminar with focus on sustainability. When the user visits the show, it might be a face to face meeting, as demonstrated at the Food Ingredients show. Add value to your offer by providing your exhibitors with extra exposure in your conference or trade show app.

The pricing is determined by the size of the event and number of attendees. These are our growing incredibly fast and scheduling solution, to set people up with another. Configurable reports allow organisers to easily monitor and manage the inventory and process. Make your event a success Request a demo to check out our platform.

What mobile applications is the Grip Matchmaking Engine currently integrated with? Nakama's matchmaker who feels the trade show chinese matchmaking enables you several new partners, which will take. So what is blocking the exhibition industry in its quest to provide good usable matchmaking solutions for its target groups and what have we missed in the last decade? Please review the article in Exhibition World magazine. Exhibition matchmaking Dominion matchmaking Click here to international meeting platform.

It is possible and handy to be able to compare analytics across different shows and also from year to year. The lenses featuring the technology relieve stress on the eyes which no longer need to strain, leaving spectacle wearers able to perform longer, according to the company. How can manage different forms of visitors and looking for a more about us! Find matches visitors and beans into a trade fair package. It is also important to make sure the attendees know how to use it and that they set their accounts properly.

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Of course once again this does rely on the individual entering correct and detailed information to ensure the best matches. The platform allows organisers to automate, expedite and increase exhibition sales with the potential to sell much sooner in the show cycle. This can even the playing field for smaller exhibitors at the show against the big players.

Grip uses a vast array of data sources to deliver it's matchmaking experience. Some are based on previous meetings and connections people like you have made, others are based on your profile data and finding you people with similar profile data. They can set up appointments which are automatically synced with their personal schedule and can be exported to their preferred calendar. This incurs no additional charges, apart from those of transmitting the email itself.

These tools can help to save time for the busy event planner by keeping everything streamlined via a single system. It is possible to implement variable pricing options based on parameters specified by the organiser to improve the yield per square metre. This determines up to how many meetings you can manage later on.

Still questions about matchmaking
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MATCH for DISTRIBUTECH International Exhibitors

Attendees can however opt out completely of being contacted. To learn more about our strategies and how our matchmaking engine work, you can request a demo! The information you provide is recorded and stored in the database of Reed Exhibitions Deutschland GmbH. For Attendees Efficient personalized event participant matchmaking, such as pre-event meeting scheduling. Matching solutions can come in different forms at different times.

  • Registration During the registration, you can indicate if and when you are available for bilateral meetings.
  • If the user has not visited the relevant show, this helping hand might be offered through a post in a social media channel.
  • The second day is focused on commercial small and medium hydropower project development in Rwanda and the region.

How do I know if the Grip recommendations are really working? Go beyond manual, random matchmaking that lacks flexibility and feedback. This part is often overlooked by organisers or not always facilitated well. Frequently Asked Questions. Set up a profile Next, you create your own cooperation profile.

On location, every attendee gets matchmaking recommendations that improve as they interact with the algorithm. But there are some good examples too. The whole aluminium industry.

The best and most successful connections are face-to-face. The platform can help your event attendees to meet their networking and business goals, which is ultimately the organisers goal too. There is also the option to purchase additional opportunities such as adding their logo to the interactive show plan.

Participants will cover the full range of project developers, technology suppliers, financiers and public sector agencies. Users can stream music and information, take and make calls and access virtual assistants. Gain unique access to the international renewable energy industries. For more enquiries on the business match making program and hosted buyers nomination, please email Visionx dwtc.

NetworkNow Exhibition Management and Attendee Matchmaking Review

Reed Exhibitions Deutschland GmbH uses your data, including your business details, for the purpose of conducting the event. This will soon also be available in our dashboard so you can see at any time how various strategies are performing. All you need to get a valuable insight into the market, create value for your customers and generate business. Post-event analytics that show successful connections and areas for improvement. Complete the form to get in touch Click to Connect Contact Us.

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