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Levinson Blade

Smooth lines, Lightning quick fretboard. The body is of maple wood, the neck is maple and ebony. This means no linking to anything that is commerce related, your blog, web site, bandcamp, facebook, instagram, snapchat, twitter, etc.

It's a shame this Levinson guy did not care at all about his original Customers from the times his guitars were so revered. It is actually very hard to get any info on the guitars. One of the best axes I ever played. Please remember we are a civil community. Gary E Levinson himself had directed the art for the catalogue, and the individuals in the photos were diverse.

The guitar looks great it is a dark blue burst that looks almost black in darker light. Do not include any spaces in your answer. Musicians Friend used to sell them at one time. Seemed like obfuscation to me at the time.

What s it made out of And what of the other specs
  1. However, both these guitars featured a humbucker at the bridge which, though tappable, didn't quite do the trick for me so I no longer have either of them.
  2. It fades from ocean blue to aqua green, has a clear blue pickguard, white pickups and glow-in-the-dark volume and tone controls.
  3. If you want to talk about these guitars feel welcome to start a thread in in Other T-Types and Partscaster.
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Swiss made Blade guitars

January the alliance was forged with manufacturing partners to launch the Blade programm on a worldwide scale. Blades at this time were Japanese-made. The serial number is but I already wrote Blade-Guitars an email and asked them about the infos.

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However, you could not possibly be sceptical about the Blade Variable Spectrum Control system. That she's never parting with. It is made by Gary Levinson.

They were pretty beat up but both played absolutely like a million bucks. They make really nice stuff! Is there any way to find out? Let me know how things work out! Well I guess I will buy if I can get a good price and then maybe sell my classic players strat.

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As far as I know, Gary Levinson still owns the company and they are still headquartered in Switzerland. It has awsome distortions and cleans. The sound is awesome and the diversity astonishing! This is a measure to combat trolling, ban-dodging, how to find the best and spam.

Levinson Blade

Tried one out recently, strat contrivance. All the reports I have read, on each model sounds great. In short, the Levinson Blades are an excellent range of professional-standard guitars that through experience I can recommend highly.

Blade Guitars

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Swiss made Blade guitars

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Let me know if you're interested. If I saw a good deal on one I might consider it. And yes, they don't hold their value, so today, they are real bargains in the used market. My favourite feature was the neck profile which suited me very well indeed. No, hookup dating websites create an account now.

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There are Blade enthusiast, but they are far and few between. Failing to abide by this will result in a ban. Plus, sadly, I could never find quite the right suit.

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Levinson approaches guitar building from an analytical standpoint. Firstly, you could disengage it, and use the untreated sound of the pickups. If it's Swiss-made, then I would say the price is about right. The edge blending on the body was outrageously smooth, with no hint of a corner in sight. Hello Franklin, The shop where Gary Levinson first began making his Blade guitars is still in existence and is where they set up all the new Blade guitars prior to distribution.

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Has the guitar arrived yet? We like to promote discussion. The coolest thing is the finish. Its the one on the chair, original swiss model, played fantastically, sounded awesome, built to an impeccable level too, i only sold it because i played my fenders more. They are excellent guitars.

Levinson Blade

The good thing is that it is a clean seperation, elite dating services there is no lacquer on the fingerboard sides so it doesn't look bad. Please add an in-depth description along with your link. The early ones made in Switzerland were top notch- equivalent to custom shop models. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. What code is in the image?

  • Iwant to replace it with a same one off course.
  • The first of these was a super-hi-fi mode, where both the treble and bass end were boosted in a very refined way, giving scope for a raft of immensely well defined tones.
  • Although Gary is no longer there, it is owned by a company called Job Factory which has a music store as part of it's offering.
  • Solid body was dark violet, almost black, black pickguard and had gold hardware.
  • If so, that might make your guitar won of the more prized Blade-guitars.

Serial Numbers What is the production date of my guitar - Page

Well built, great intonation, beautiful finish, tons of tone options. Want to add to the discussion? Anyone know where the models with the big logo were made?

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