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The gaps and pits in the original patch filled nicely, blending better with the surrounding briar. Generally, if you wish to duplicate this stuff we will be so pleased that, when we are revived, we will grant permission and pay for your online time. The finish was worn on the rim as well as darkened and dented. Using a sharp dental probe, I painstakingly clean both dome groves, scraping packed dirt out. To erase the scratches of the file, I follow by sanding the bit area, dating cougars in houston upper and lower with grade sanding paper.

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English Estates Comoy s Tobacco Pipes

The pipe polished up really well. The photos below tell the story and give a glimpse of the pipe before clean up. How do you find the most suitable connections and contacts on a dating site quickly. However, the names are not reliable guides to dating unless associated with other factors. Dating the Comoy pipe therefore is far more difficult.

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A History Of Comoy s and A Guide Toward Dating the Pipes
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After working the white sponge over the entire surface, it did do a good job. The vanilla scent while you are hit with the tasteful notes of the tobacco is extremely pleasing to yourself and everyone around you. Herein is a Worshipful Master and Wardens, man 10 and ritual language that is very similar to what was predominant in England and America at that time.

Unlike Dunhill, who stamped a different number for each year of manufacture on all their pipes, we are not so fortunate with Comoy. The comoys stamping prewar and wartime was straight line, all same sized letters without apostrophe with the smaller patent stamp below. However, one of the factors that make the Comoy pipe so attractive and collectable is the stained finish that highlights the grain figuring. Both pipes have a rich look.

During the first leg of this journey, the element of water is introduced in a rite of purification. And these rituals in Collectanea themselves? Sunday was the last day of the convention, and its scheduled highlight was a pipe smoking contest. After forming a wick by stretching and twisting a cotton ball, sites I insert it down the mortise and airway using a stiff wire. The finish looked intact under the grime.

With the large dark fills on this stummel in need of remaining masked for better blending, I use a cotton cloth buffing wheel with Tripoli compound to unwrap the flamed crust. There was some light lava on the rim. Time to sort out the confusion.

The floor of the chamber has heat fissures which the first picture shows. New stuff will appear on the test site first. The following photos show the bowl at this point in the restoration process. The Balm starts off more liquidy then firms up into a wax-like substance that continues to be supple.

The stem was in good shape but had the most oxidation of the lot that was sent to me. The stem has tooth marks and chatter on both sides at the button edge. The stamping matches the description that given by CakeandDottle under the Middle Haymarket Era. After I mix J-B Weld components in equal parts, I apply a small amount on the floor of the chamber and spread it with a dental spatula and my finger. To do this I place a drop of white acrylic paint over the lettering.

This aids the briar in absorbing the dye pigment. Close cover before striking. To achieve a deeper cleaning and refreshing of the internals, I use a kosher salt and alcohol soak. The working plan is to touch up areas that are worn more and exposed briar is showing. Does anyone have any info on what differentiates the two?

Are these fissures severe enough to warrant a durable patch or perhaps apply a pipe mud to enhance the growth of a protective cake? The bowl and the rim top look really good and the grain really stood out on the smooth rim. Also I have a Davidoff pipe that I would like some info about. The stem is cleaning up very nicely.

Dating Comoy Pipes - Comoy Pipes
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The first pipe was definitely cleaner than the second. The bath has raised more oxidation from the vulcanite. From the collected information above, I can safely say that I am dealing with a Haymarket Era pipe. It's the least I can do, gps so let it never be said I don't do the least I can do. This pair will soon head back to California so that Scott can enjoy them.

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With the stummel in hand, I begin the internal cleaning by reaming the light cake build up in the chamber. How to rank them in terms of the many great London made pipes of their era? Earlier, my question had been, do the fissures on the floor of the chamber need a more durable response than simply applying a pipe mud mixture to enhance the growth of a protective cake? The pipe was quite dirty in these areas and took a bit of scrubbing to get the grit out of the airways.

Middle of the years with that of the Sixties, the lines are relatively stable. The finish looks amazing and it is smooth and light weight in the hand. Your two-digit pipe shape is consistent with a Haymarket pipe. It had some amazing grain on the bowl sides and shank. Whereas the shapes of the briar pipes are similar with those of the other marks, the models develop a very nowadays required distinct character by the collectors.

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It is likely that the texts have been edited by more than one hand and they may have been employed or intended for use in more than one esoteric group. Namespaces Page Discussion. German Masonry of this period was reserved to the titled and influential. Also, of interest are two huge fills on the right side of the bowl as it tapers down. Sometime during the Civic era, the three series were expanded to six, with the addition of Standard, Spigot and Mounted series.

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A History Of Comoy s and A Guide Toward Dating the Pipes

When I started restoring pipes it took me a while to figure this out. It also worked to take off the scratches in the briar. When the box arrived from Jennifer Jeff opened it and took photos of each pipe before he started his cleanup work on them. When I received the pipe I took the following photos of it to give you the big picture of this tiny pipe.

Dating Comoy Pipes - Comoy Pipes

  • The need for manufacturing in London becomes pressing, this is why, with the turning of the century, A.
  • Consequently, the manufacture of pipes ceased except for a small workshop.
  • After about ten minutes, I wipe the Balm off with a cotton cloth towel until it start shining up.
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If you've got one pipe, you're a pipe smoker. This sometimes happens after cleaning the pipe well and scraping the mortise. If you've got more than one, you're a pipe collector. Use this information at your own risk and under adult supervision. If you submit something to us, we will pretty much gladly publish it, thus giving you a tiny bit of electronic immortality.

During the Haymarket era Loewe produced seconds under the stamping Haymarket pipes. My first one, is stamped as below, this one had no Patent number. Patches of orange settle in the grain knots and from there the colors are an eye catching kaleidoscopes. These pipes featured the grade and an encircled Made in England underneath instead. The birdseye grain was beautiful and the pipe looked very good.

  1. When I saw this pipe on the eBay auction block, I wanted it!
  2. Almost rubbery, like Charatan Double Comfort stems, or for a modern comparison, like the very soft ebonite Dolly Wood cuts Ferndown stems from.
  3. The stamping is legible and very readable.
  4. You can see in the third photo below that it is on the top of the shank instead of aligned on the left side with the stamping on the briar.
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